Consult the 'Guru of Goats'
To get the REAL goat-care
information you need NOW!

Tired of looking for real, honest, and truly useful goat-keeping information and all you can find are the same old 'storey' books?

I was, especially after I got my first does home and found out that THEY hadn’t read all those ‘modern’ how-to books (and so weren't doing the things the books said they would).

I decided that the book writers hadn’t met many goats!

What Can I Help You With?

Everything from health care – did you know the most common cause of abscesses, at least in my herd, is spider bites?

To breeding – sure, the books all tell you to observe the signs of a doe coming into heat, then get her to a buck, but did you know more than half the does won’t even come into heat without the buck being around first?

To the nitty-gritty of day-to-day life with a mob... I mean, herd – WHAT did they do?! And what do I do NOW?!

The 'Goat Guru'?

I’ve become the 'Guru' the hard way – trial and error. More error than I sometimes care to remember.

I’ve lost kids to my own ignorance, both from wrong information and lack of information, but I’ve also discovered things that no one else I’ve found has ever known.

I’ve had the experts let me down when I trusted their advice, but I’ve also had more experienced keepers give me knowledge you just can’t find anywhere else that has saved my herd (and my sanity, though some will argue that point).

My bucks, does, kids, and wethers themselves have been the greatest teachers in this whole how-to learning project.

Now I want to share what I’ve learned, and discovered, with the who-I-was-then out there in the world: YOU.

I know how frustrating caprines can be and I won’t sugar-coat the truth. I know how discouraging it is to try your best and fail (or think you failed) in being a good animal owner.

I want to tell you right now, no matter if you’ve never had a goat before and are just researching what it will take to keep one (make sure you keep at least two – every animal needs another of its kind to talk to), or you have had them for years and want to see if you can catch me in a goof-up on this site, there is something here for you.

I’m not perfect, never have been. I don’t know everything, never will; but I will share what I have with you, just because I can.


My name is Lyn.